Sexy Colombian Girl

Name: Paula Andrea
ID#: 49557
Agency: BeHappy2Day (Review)
Age: 28

City: Medellin, Colombia


Occupation: Other
Religion: Christian
English Level: Basic
Languages: Not listed

Archetypes: Motivated Brides

Back hair, dark black eyes, and a figure to die for along with that sexy, Colombian beauty that girls from this country have, make Paula Andrea the perfect girl for you.

She comes from the city of Medellin which has a population of over 2 million, so a trip to this place is not what you would call a jungle adventure.

Medellin is known for its beautiful scenery of mountains, lakes and forests and of course, its beautiful women.

fit Colombian woman for marriage

Paula is a petite, sweet Colombian beauty of just 22 years of age and she is looking for you. Yes, you. Don’t underestimate your attraction to these sensationally gorgeous girls. They are looking for a steady relationship, long term, with a view to marriage and a new life.

Are you a gentleman who knows what he wants and you have a sense of humor? Do you love kids and want something permanent in a relationship? Maybe even children?

Do you think you can make this hot, delicious sexy Colombian honey happy? And how proud would you be walking into your local supermarket with Paula on your arm? Can you imagine the looks she would get?

She leads a relatively active life which is why she has a lovely figure too. Walking, swimming and some rollerblading are activities she enjoys along with yoga and general exercises. One of her hobbies is photography.

It’s a matter of you making contact with her and letting her know that you are interested in her. She has only beginner’s skills in English so a translator might be needed but once you meet her, body language and sign language will get you to know each other.

Don’t be shy to make contact and start getting to know Paula. Find out the things you have in common. What she likes and what you like. The differences in cultures are always a good talking point.

You have no idea how she lives her life in a country like Colombia and she will probably know only those things about your country that she has seen on TV. Common ground in communication is always a great starting point. Contact her now!

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Archetypes: Motivated Brides

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