Too Many Hot Colombian Brides

Name: Alejandra
ID#: 44273631731
Agency: AmoLatina (Review)
Age: 21

City: Villavicencio, Colombia


Occupation: Dancer

Archetypes: Bikini Brides

young charismatic woman from Colombia

Lovely Alejandra is a single, 21 year old beauty without children who hails from Colombia in South America – a country renowned for its tropical beauty on one side, and difficult history related to the war on drugs.

Whatever her motivations to leave this fascinating place, Alejandra is hoping to find herself a partner who will appreciate her for her many assets… and they sure appear to be plentiful.

I’d never heard of Alejandra’s hometown of Villavicencio, and so was interested to read the following interesting information from Trip Advisor:

Villavicencio is a hub for cattle farming, and the area abounds with cowboys. You could stay on a ranch for a night or two before moseying off to the more oft-visited grassland plains of Los Llanos. If you care to stay awhile, Villavicencio has plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities and eco-tourism. Don’t miss the Caño Cristales, a beautifully multi-colored river filled with vibrant plants and minerals that’s appropriately nicknamed “The Liquid Rainbow.”

Have a look at the local tourism bodies promotional video here:

I’m sure she’d appreciate knowing you’ve taken a bit of time to find out where she is from.

Typical of the women from this part of the world, Alejandra has a rich, cocoa complexion, beautiful brown eyes and flowing brown hair.  She is a little on the short side but certainly seems to make up for this with personality.

She says that she does her level best to bring out the best in people and is naturally drawn to those who prove themselves to be trustworthy and similarly caring.

She also appreciates hard work and lives up to this value herself  by virtue of her university qualification and in her current field of marketing.

Alejandra is a lover of books, music and dance and also enjoys to go out dancing; the latter a trait that seems to be common to many of the women of Latin America – but hey, those salsa rhythms are pretty catchy, so who can blame them.

Having said that, she lists her favourite music as good ol’ rock and roll.  She also keeps active playing tennis and really enjoys watching golf.

It seems that this young lady is quite the romantic – she tells us that her earliest memory is her first kiss and she dreams of visiting Paris and making a lovely family with the man of her dreams.

Archetypes: Bikini Brides

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