A Model Russian Mail Order Bride

Name: Victoria
ID#: 31819
Agency: BeHappy2Day (Review)
Age: 32

City: Simferopol, Russia


Occupation: Medical
Religion: Christian
English Level: Basic

Archetypes: Models

Victoria is another smoking hot Russian model and she wants to meet a Western man on the internet. She is willing to consider a guy up to 45 and I would bet she would be willing to go a little higher if you really bring a good fast ball.

She seems really serious. She writes, I want to find a man that is really family-oriented. You can probably clear that hurdle if you like kids and are ready to settle down. But she’s not a dummy. She says, I don’t want to waste my time on stupid talks on the Internet.

That’s a pretty good sign that this girl is really serious and has probably had enough with the hard drinking, male dominated culture of Eastern Europe.

A lot of the women who sign up on to be international mail order brides are sick and tired of the culture of their home country. They’ve seen every Meg Ryan movie and they want to be treated like the women they seen in the movies.

Do you drink a fifth of whiskey a day? Don’t email Victoria. She is clear about the kind of man she wants. She says, He also must be educated, careful, intelligent, reliable, faithful, attractive and sporty.

sporty Russian girl

Can you clear those hurdles? Victoria is a hot Russian model and you can bet that alot of guys out there are going to make a run for her. Why not you?

Beautiful Russian girls don’t just fall into your lap unless you are an A-List movie star, but you’ve got a shot with Victoria.

She is a hot Russian model and you sell insurance in Nebraska. It means you are VERY lucky! But we all make our own luck and if you want to actually meet her you need to take some action (Click on her Picture, Dummy!).

Well, Victoria is over at Anastasia which is the only international dating agency that we at International Love Scout rate A+. Get in the game and check her out!

Archetypes: Models

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