Hot Muslim Mail Order Bride

Name: Elvira
ID#: 2555873
Agency: Elenas Models (Review)
Age: 31

City: Kazan, Russia


Occupation: Interpreter
English Level: Fluent
Languages: Russian: Fluent , Spanish: Good , Hungarian: Basic

Archetypes: Muslim Brides, Fluent

Elvira is a smoking hot Muslim mail order bride from Russia. She is an interpreter and an art historian and she speaks fluent English.  Does it get any better than that?

Nope, not in Ohio!

Elvira is probably a very smart girl, aside from being Fluent in English and her native Russian, she also speaks passable Spanish and basic Hungarian and judging by her picture gallery, she seems like she would probably be a lot of fun to hang out with.

And just think, if you end up marrying this beautiful Russian bride, you would probably be the only guy in your town who has a wife named Elvira…  Elvira Jones, Elvira Smith, Elvira Conners… Sounds pretty exotic no matter what your last name is!

Here’s something interesting. Since we wrote this review about a year ago,  Elvira has changed the religion on her profile from “Muslim” to “N/A”.

I guess being a muslim in this day and age isn’t a really big selling point on International dating sites, unless of course you are specifically looking to marry a hot Muslim bride.

Surprisingly, we have quite a few hot Muslim girls on the website and Elvira is another one that I’m happy is not wearing a burka.  She’s a hottie!

Elvira’s profile is over at Elena’s Models, currently the only agency ILS rates as A+.

Unfortunately, this hot mail order bride is only willing to date guys up to 35 years old. So, if you fit into that category, check her out!

If you’re on the wrong side of 35, don’t sweat it… We have hundreds of outrageously beautiful Russian girls outrageously beautiful Russian girls who would love to date and marry a mature, sophisticated gent like you.

Archetypes: Muslim Brides, Fluent

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