7 Reasons Why You Should Be Dating Foreign Women

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Dating a foreign woman gives you a chance to grow as a man and discover the happiness you deserve.  A lot of the most serious barriers to dating in the United States, Canada, and Europe simply do not exist and the new challenges that do exist are things that any man that makes the effort can overcome.

REASON #1- You Get to Learn About Other Cultures

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This is a challenge that you do not face at home, but it is also a chance for growth and development. If you really want to live your life to the fullest, it’s important to open your mind to other cultures around the world.

Foreign dating is one of the best ways to intimately connect with another culture.

When you date a woman from another country, you get to learn so much more about that country than you would by merely vacationing or visiting.

You’ll get to learn the customs, hear the language, and really immerse yourself in foreign cultures when you date a foreign woman.

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REASON #2 – Foreign Women Are Just Plain Hotter Than Domestic Women

Foreign girls are hotter than American girls

Just stroll down the street of any wealthy country like America, and what do you see?

Obese people…

Sure, there are attractive women in America, but one of the biggest health issues facing the wealthier nations in the world is obesity.

Foreign women, on the other hand, tend to take better care of themselves and stay in shape and age better. Obesity is not a major issue in many of the countries where these women reside.

Foreign women eat better, exercise more, and have sexier, slimmer figures than women from countries like the United States.

If you don’t believe me just check out our Foreign Girl Galley and prepare to be blown away!

REASON #3 – Foreign Women Like Dating Older Men

Foreign women loves men that are older than them

Although men of any age can date a foreign woman, it’s a great opportunity for older men to date an attractive, younger woman that’s not just after their money.

In many of the areas where these women are from, such as Latin America, Eastern Europe, and South East Asia, women are not treated with respect and even worse in severe cases.

Foreign ladies that are looking to date outside of their own countries are looking to date a man that’s stable and is going to treat them with respect.

You don’t have to be super-rich or a young model-type to date a sexy younger foreign woman. You just have to be a nice guy that’s willing to treat a lady the way she deserves to be treated.

You are actually more desirable overseas.

REASON #4 – It’s Easier Than Traditional Dating

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Let’s face it… The domestic dating scene can be a real drag.

Going on dates with someone you don’t know very well can be really awkward, and appearances can play a big role in how things go.

Many women won’t give a guy a chance based entirely on looks or money in the West. In the USA you can get sued for sexual harassment for just complimenting a female co-worker on her new haircut.

Feminism and political correctness have taken all the fun out of Western dating.

With foreign dating, you get to learn a lot about someone before you ever meet them. This means that you can decide if the girl you’re talking with is worth dating before you spend the time and money on meeting her.

It also means that she’s not going to base everything on the first impression she has of you. Foreign women will take the time to get to know you regardless of your looks.

Not to mention, if you start corresponding with someone and you don’t feel the connection, it’s much easier to end the relationship and far less dramatic than if you were dating someone domestically.

REASON #5 – Marriages Tend to Last Longer With Foreign Women

Russian bride and groom having their pictorial outdoors

There are several studies that actually document that relationships with foreign women that result in marriage have a lower divorce rate than most domestic marriages.

The big reason for this is foreign women tend to respect their husbands much more than women in marriages that resulted from traditional domestic relationships.

Foreign women’s values tend to be inline more with the traditional values women held back in the early to mid-1900s in America.

REASON #6 – It’s a Great Excuse to Travel and Get Away

Your chance to travel and getaway

The daily grind can get old fast. There’s no better excuse forgetting away and traveling the world than to meet beautiful, interesting women in foreign counties.

It sure beats vacationing alone or staying home!

REASON #7 – Foreign Women Are More Interesting and Less Materialistic than Domestic Women

foreign women are less materialistic

Many women in wealthy countries, like the United States, are incredibly materialistic and high-maintenance. Many domestic women are only interested in a relationship for the financial advantages it provides.

Foreign women are more cultured, and they’re not used to the luxuries that many domestic women have. Many foreign women are also more interesting than domestic women because they don’t spend hours every day in front of the television, and Cosmo is not their Bible!

A majority of foreign women spend time reading, going to the library, or doing other productive activities.

And did I mention, THEY’RE REALLY HOT!

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