Sexy Pharmacist

Name: Svetlana

Age:  23

City: Gorlovka, Ukraine

Agency: A Pretty Woman (Review)

ID#: 564


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Svetlana is a 23 year old pharmacist who can make you just as dizzy as any drugs she might dispense.  Damn! Ukrainian women are amazing!

She seems like a very bright girl, perhaps a little too bright.  She says she hopes to discuss philosophy themes with her future husband.  Humm….  That might limit her just a little bit unless by philosophy she means questions like, “Does defense really win championships” or “Do you have to establish the run”.

Well, something tells me you might even plow through Nietzsche or at least “An Idiots Guide To Philosophy” for Svetlana.

I think it would be worth it. Svetlana is hot, smart, and employable. That’s the trifactta!

Her profile is brought to us by the good people at A Pretty Woman. Check her out.

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