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Hot Cuban Girl

Name: Taylin
Age: 30
City: Havana, Cuba
Agency: Amolatina (Read Our Review)
ID#: 115944524

Have you ever been to Cuba? If so, what was your favorite part? Was it the food, the cigars, or the weather? All of those are actually good reasons, but if you've been, you probably remember the music and the dancing - and of course the Hot Cuban Girls!

For all the lovers of Cuba, this girl is perfect! Taylin is a dancer from Cuba and she is looking for a husband.

Cuba is a country of salsa, rumba and classic cars. Taylin is a college educated cutie that enjoys Autumn, traveling and reading. From her profile she seems to be an even tempered woman that enjoys the natural beauties in life. She doesn't say it, but I bet she has even been to a few ballets.

This Cuban beauty describes herself as hardworking, honest and understanding. She also says she is active, but that should not be a surprise since she is a dancer from Cuba.

Besides speaking some English, Taylin is fluent in French and her favorite food is crepes.

She says she would like to visit Brazil and wishes she lived in the 19th century. I can totally understand Brazil, but I'm curious about her interest with the 19th century. Maybe it's because she is a romantic that loves roses and watching sunsets. They did that a lot in those days, right?

Taylin is looking for a man that enjoys culture and the arts. She also values a good sense of humor. Her ideal man will be 35-60 years old and is overall a good person.

You can learn more about this beautiful, artistic Cuban girl at Amolatina which is a great site for Latin dating. Amolatina must have struck a deal with a local Cuban dating agency recently, because they are finally starting to put up some Cuban women over on their site.

And just to get you imagination going - here are a couple videos that demonstrate what great dancers Cuban girls are:




Profile Updated: 02/08/2017