Beautiful Ethiopian Artist

Name: Hiwot Mebratu
ID#: 1232013
Agency: Ethiopian Personals (Review)
Age: 25

City: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


This 25 year old Ethiopian resident lists her occupation as “Artist.” Creativity is severely lacking in our world these days that is why we need artistic girls like Hiwot to brighten up our days.

Judging by her photos, she has a taste for photography, and wow is she good! The backgrounds, the clothes…it’s breathtaking, just like she is.

She’s been to college and seen what there is to life, now she’s looking for love and possibly marriage.

She wants a guy with a good sense of humor.

She described herself as: Liberal, loving, and caring.

Most women say that, but I have no doubt that it’s true with Hiwot. Those brilliant brown eyes are ones of honesty. They’re the kind of eyes that you can’t lie to, and you wouldn’t want to lie to, because behind them is a woman of incredible quality.

She loves cooking Doro Wot, which is a dish made with chicken and occasionally hard boiled eggs, but also eaten with a spongy flat bread called teff. There are many other varieties of Wot, but Doro Wot is the most popular in Ethiopia.

Watching soccer, table tennis, and basketball are what she likes to do when she isn’t playing Tennis herself or listening to Alkedashim, a kind of African funk music.

Winter is her favorite season, she watches movies like Prison Break, and Air force One, and wants to settle down with a family one day.

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