Mature Sexy Nigerian Lady

Name: Adeola
ID#: 1150505
Agency: Afrointroductions (Review)
Age: 30

City: Lagos, Nigeria


Archetypes: Cute & Sweet

Yeh, I’m saying “lady” on Adeola, guys. I’m foregoing the term “girl” here and going straight to “lady”. Sure, that will turn some of you guys away, and that’s OK. That’s why you come to me. I give you the straight up, six o’clock truth here.

It saves you time. If a mature, though still very sexy, mature 30 year old woman like Adeola is not your thing, we’ve got many more hot African girls that will be. In the meantime, let me tell the rest of you guys who want a mature woman a little bit more about Adeola.

She’s from Lagos, the world’s 16th largest city, with almost 14 million people; and over 55% of them are women.

OK, that’s official stats. Now, indulge me my personal opinions, ok? Nigerian girls/women are some of Africa’s hottest, most vocal, and most passionate.

And, my further opinion is that when they start to mature, at around 30, like Adeola here, they begin to get a certain sense of solidity and make perfect mates, girlfriends, wives. They start coming into their own, probably not unlike women anywhere.

Adeola’s grounded. She has a university degree and works in marketing. And, she has a son; so she’s looking for stability in her man, in her life. She wants a man who is “honest, down to earth, friendly, compassionate, funny and an outgoing person”.

Yes, and as I said earlier, she’s also very hot!

Check out her pictures at africabeauties; but only if you want a lady, not a girl, ok?

Archetypes: Cute & Sweet

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