Spicy Brazil Girl

Name: Thayna
ID#: 49130
Agency: BeHappy2Day (Review)
Age: 24

City: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Occupation: Teaching
Religion: Christian
English Level: Basic

Archetypes: Motivated Brides

There is only one word that comes to mind when I look at Thayna’s dating profile over at BeHappy2day, and that word is spicy.

She is spicy, as in adding her to anything will suddenly make it significantly better.

I mean think of all the improvements she could make to your life! Office parties will never be the same.

Thayna is an actress that likes to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Even though she is dangerously sexy, I suspect she is looking for something serious, not just some casual fling. She doesn’t explicitly say that in her profile but I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt.

There are a couple key lines that stick out in Thayna’s profile – she says:

“I’m a communicative,” which is good if you are smart enough to listen.

She says she is also, ”Funny.” Maybe she got some sort of a Charo thing going on?  She could pull that off.

She goes on and says, I’m modest, very kind, gentle, considerable, sentimental. I want to fall in love, build a relationship then create a family with this man. I want to meet a man who will be ready to share with me happiness and sadness.

Come on guys, that’s about all you can hope for all in one very hot Latin package.

Oddly, Thayna does not live in Rio, because she certainly looks like the classic Brazilian bikini girl.


I would certainly love to see her in a bikini! She would own the beach.

No, she lives in Goias, an inland province which is pretty far off the beaten path. Now, that means if you do decided to go meet Thayna you have two choices.

You could probably get her to meet you in Rio and that would be cool. Or you could go full Indiana Jones and travel into the Brazilian backcountry to see where this lady really lives.

That would be a real adventure and get you off of the beaten path.

Put those all together and you have a woman who is motivated to find love, and who will probably make a great wife if you are lucky enough to capture her heart.

Her ideal man is a ready to share with me happiness and sadness.

If you are able to handle all the spiciness that is Thayna it’s not that hard to get started with Brazilian dating. You can sign up at BeHappy2day (which is where this spicy Brazil girl has her profile) for only $15.99.

But be careful, it’s really easy to spend a truckload of money on behappy2day’s website because their pricing plans are a bit confusing and they have way too many hot Latin women for marriage on their site!

I wanted to finish off this profile with a Spicy Brazil girl video – but when I did a search everything I found was XXX rated.

Here is the only thing I could find that was PG-13 (ok maybe it’s more like an R-Rating) but I think it will convince any skeptics that Brazilian women are the sexiest in the world!

Spicy Brazil Girls

Archetypes: Motivated Brides

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