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Name: Chatnitra
ID#: 1257500
Agency: AsianDate (Review)
Age: 30

City: Chiang Mai, Thailand


Occupation: Medical Assistant
English Level: Good

Archetypes: Motivated Brides

nubile bride from Thailand

What you see in these photos of Chatnitra is simple, pure beauty. No make-up needed apart from a dab of lipstick.

There is a sublime beauty in a Thai girl, full lips, big, brown eyes, long black hair and in this darling’s case, a great body on top of very shapely legs.

The natural hair color is black but this lady has added a bit of red, a hot color for a hot girl! As a badminton player one needs quick reflexes and a long reach and looking at Chatnitra she looks to be endowed with both.

Thailand is known as the land of smiles and walking down any street in Chiang Mai you are going to get a lot of smiles.

Unlike smoggy Bangkok, Chiang Mai, in the far north of Thailand, has clean air and lots of very, very pretty girls. (It also has lots and lots of very pretty ladyboys, so make sure you can pick the difference!)

If you’re lucky enough to win the heart of this very lovely young lady, meet her in Chiang Mai, hire a scooter, sit her on the back and scoot up the mountain overlooking the city.

A romantic stroll around the temple at the top is sure to set a romantic atmosphere for you.

Then, take Chatnitra back down to a cosy bar on walking street, a couple of drinks and then wander through the Night Bazaar.

shopping while dating in Chiang Mai, Thailand night bazaar

Let her do the bartering with the stall holders if you want to buy anything. She’ll probably save you a fortune.

Use the money you save to fly her back to your country for a visit. But to do that you need to click on her picture and start a relationship.

You can’t lose with an Asian wife. Faithful, loyal, sexy, family oriented, devoted, and did I already say sexy? Oh yeah. Chatnira is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women you will ever see.

Archetypes: Motivated Brides

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