Beautiful Venezuelan Woman

Name: Lexis Alexandra
ID#: 51077
Agency: BeHappy2Day (Review)
Age: 22

City: Caracas, Venezuela


Occupation: Manager/Supervisor
Religion: Christian
English Level: Fluent

Archetypes: Motivated Brides

The question that might come to mind when you land on this sexy lady’s page: Is it legal to be that beautiful and still be single?

Every picture of Lexis warrants a double take and some serious drooling.

Sensational, divine, hot, hot, hot! Everything about this woman shouts ‘movie star’, and if she’s not, then she will probably be discovered soon.

The photos will have put you in two minds, for sure! Are you worthy of her? Can you win her heart? How much is the airfare to Venezuela?

All great questions but only one can be answered and that’s the cost of travel.

It all depends on where you’re coming from, but simply look online with one of the flight search engines.

Don’t be in so much of a hurry and leave without getting in contact with Lexis and setting up a date.

Yes, there is some urgency involved because there will be others trying to land this gal, for sure. But do the groundwork, contact her, get her interested, make some plans.

Did she borrow swimsuits for those photos or does she own that many?

Lexis has a sensational body and if looking at her photos didn’t elevate your blood pressure, then you’ve been watching too many Walking Dead movies!

If you were able to lift your eyes up to her face, you will have noticed that beautiful smile, lovely teeth, soft brown eyes, long black hair and…and…never mind.

To think that this girl is looking for a husband is almost beyond belief and it’s a poor reflection on the local guys who have not been able to win her heart.

The trip to Venezuela needs some serious thought because the country is in a state of flux…again.

It’s sort of dangerous there to visit and Lexis lives in the middle of it all – Caracas, the capital of the country.

It’s a damn shame about the political upheavals there because the country is really beautiful with a geographical highlight of the mountains meeting the Caribbean Sea, white sand beaches, and undoubtedly many beautiful senoritas walking along the beach dressed similarly to Lexis.

The lady of 22 says she’s a bit of an extrovert. What does that mean?

It probably means that she will be happy to walk hand in hand along the beach with you dressed in one of those bikinis, preferably the bright yellow one!

The problem with a girl this beautiful is you will want to spend every waking (and sleeping) minute with her lest some other jerk gets ideas to court her.

The secret is in the contact and forming an online relationship before you even leave your country to go and meet her.

Her interests are wide and varied and that will be a great start to find some topics to chat about and in which you have a common interest.

The level of her English is not known, but for her, you should dedicate a couple of weeks of Spanish classes, so you know some of the lingo. Click on an email ad start your dream.

Archetypes: Motivated Brides

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