Sexy Brazilian Model

Name: Karla
ID#: 78933688531
Agency: AmoLatina (Review)
Age: 33

City: Ibiapina, Brazil


Occupation: Model
Languages: English, Portuguese

Archetypes: Models

Brazilian model sexy abs

Karla is a smoking HOT 33-year-old Brazilian model.

She doesn’t speak much English, but somehow I don’t think that will bother you.  Heck, how hard could it be to learn Portuguese anyhow?

Another good thing about Karla, well for some of you guys, is that she is one of the few Brazilian ladies who says she is NOT religious.

Most Brazilian girls at least say they are Catholic and a lot of them become super-Catholic moms later on in life, so a hot Brazilian model who is not religious is quite a catch if you are the kind of guy who can’t hear the word Catholic without thinking – Notre Dame.

Her profile is over at Amolatina.  They have the hottest Latin girls on the web.  Check her out!

Archetypes: Models

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