Young Blond Czech Model

Name: Tatyana
ID#: 1924045
Agency: AnastasiaDate (Review)
Age: 34

City: Prague, Czech Republic


Occupation: Model
English Level: Basic

Archetypes: Models

Tatyana is a young blond Czech college student who wants to be a tourist agent, but could easily be a model. Perhaps, your devotion could inspire her to take the plunge.

I know a lot of the famous Czech models did not start off wanting to model, but sort of fell into it.

The same thing could happen to Tatyana.

She is exceptionally beautiful, a classy European woman.

You can see her Old World values in what she is looking for in a man. She writes: 

If you know what you want in your life – I am looking for you!

This is not a granola eating feminist. This is a straightforward Czech woman who is looking for a man like her father and grandfather.

She goes on and explains that,

I am looking for a mature and wise partner.   He should be kind and gentle, sincere, strong, a little romantic too.

So, she’s not just looking for a taskmaster. If you just want something to boss around by a dog.

No, she is looking for a man who lives by the same Old World values that she does. She will probably be very easy to get along with for the right man, but she will also probably expect an equally high standard of behavior from him.

And hell, dude, if you land a beautiful young thing like Tatyana you should step up to the plate and be the sort of man she is asking for.

She is gorgeous, but she isn’t looking for Mr. Handsome and she probably isn’t rich, but she didn’t mention money. Money is rarely the MAIN factor that motivates women to begin searching for a foreign man.

She also seems like she would be fun. She writes that, I like to go for diving, skiing and snowboarding.

She probably would make your life a lot more exciting. Maybe you should consider checking her out.

Archetypes: Models

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