Passionate Colombian Cook

Name: Carolina
ID#: 120388124
Agency: AmoLatina (Review)
Age: 31

City: Medellin, Colombia


Occupation: Fashion Designer, Model
Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese

Archetypes: Models

passionate Colombian fashion model

Carolina says she loves to cook because it’s the best way to a man’s heart? If you’re looking at her photos, then we suggest that she might have a couple of other ways to capture your heart as well.

A dark Latina beauty like this, with a bit of maturity as well, should not be left wandering the internet looking for a husband, lover or boyfriend.

It’s your job to call her and tell her you love her and get her off the market before she is taken. She is exquisite.

This lovely lady likes to keep fit, a fact we are only too aware of when you look at that body of hers. She looks after herself spiritually too and states that all things done with love will go well. We couldn’t agree more.

Carolina is a confident young lady who likes to go to the gym three times a week and also likes to go jogging in the mornings.

If you match up with this woman, your fitness levels are going to improve because if you can picture yourself jogging alongside her each day, getting up and donning the running shoes and sports shorts will become a lot easier.

If the jogging doesn’t get you fit then Carolina’s idea of a playful man at bedtime might do the trick. So if you’re passionate, romantic faithful and a good wrestler then this is the woman for you.

There’s not a lot more you can do with this adorable, dark, Latina beauty than make contact with her. Get some communication happening fast so you don’t lose her to some jerk who will break her heart.

Her English is not great but don’t let that be a hindrance at all because after a few conversations, your Spanish, and her English will meet somewhere in the middle for a meaningful dialogue.

If there’s something you should look forward to with Carolina, it’s a cam chat. Can anybody be this gorgeous and still be single? It’s a crime, right?

Archetypes: Models

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