Benin Beauty

Name: Phebe
ID#: 1192087
Agency: Afrointroductions (Review)
Age: 20

City: Benin City, Benin


International dating can be tough sometimes, especially when there is a great girl that you want to talk to, but she doesn’t know English! You won’t have that problem with Phebe, however.

Phebe is a 20 year old from Benin City, Nigeria. Nigeria produces some top notch footballers, but it can also have the most beautiful women in all of Africa. At 6’3”, she’s a tall woman, but she’s a sweet one, and a Model by occupation! How many guys can say that their significant other is a model? Not many.

The 20 somethings can be a wild and growing time for anyone, but Phebe already has a college degree and she’s already done quite a bit of learning. Her interests are all in the performing arts, her occupation of modelling being among them.

This beautiful Benin babe loves singing and acting too, so you can have your own concert at home. I rarely see girls as talented as Phebe!

She says that she’s social and fun, so you have to step it up if you want to keep her attention! Being a model, she has a great taste for style too. The pictures she has up are a variety of styles and of course, look great on her! Fun and trendy!

Send her a message on Africabeauties and try to match that sweet energy that she has going on. Models are pretty rare, I would get going if I were you, missing this train could be painful!

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