Odessa Doll

Name: Tatyana
ID#: 185523
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
Age: 21

City: Odessa, Ukraine


Occupation: Assistant
Religion: Christian (Orthodox)
English Level: Basic
Languages: Russian (native)

Holy smokes! Tatyana is an absolute Odessa doll.

Now, Odessa is something like the center of the Russian Riviera, though people in Crimea will object, and it is famous for its bikini girls and Tatyana is about as hot of a bikini girl as you’ll find from Santa Monica to Cape Town or Honolulu.

This lady is hot, hot, hot!

She is not exactly a tiny thing at 5’1, but her 101 pounds are in all the right places. That’s for damn sure!

Wow! She is built and you can be sure that a body like that takes some effort, but in her profile the only sport that Tatyana talks about is billiards. Yes, that annoying little game they play when the bartenders are backed up with a crowd.

Now, don’t get me wrong billiards is OK. Many years ago in my misspent youth I even once won a pool tournament and I know it does require significant skill.

But I generally considered it to be a game for fat old men or young kids without the talent to play a real sport until I discovered Tatyana.

Apparently she loves the game. Do you love to hear the crack of your balls? Do you chalk your stick every time before you use it?

Do you love billiards? Can you pretend to love billiards to impress Tatyana? That’s probably the best question. Actually, if you don’t like the game I would encourage her and step aside.

Pool is obviously a big part of her life and I am a big believer that you should never complain about something you knew about when you first met a woman. So, if you love Tatyana learn to at least like pool.

And Tatyana seems like a very lovable woman. She writes that,

I always try to trust people and want they do the same. I always try to be friendly, positive, easy-going, and can find a common things with every person I meet in my life. I show my love for this life in such a way. I want to share my love with you.)))

You’ve got to admit that is a very lovable lady.

And in less than five minutes you can be flirting with her! Just click on those hot purple shorts and fill out a profile or go to our Chat Page and get all the details.

Anastasia’s new chat system is quick, easy and fun. And if she’s online you could be chatting with her in less the time you waited in line at Starbucks this morning.

And she is not looking for anything over the top in a man despite that super hot body. She writes that, “I’m seeking a serious relationship with nice man to share life with and a creating and happy family in the future” and that pretty common among Ukrainian girls.

She continues, My man should be real, and he should never try to be someone else. Honest, a man with good heart and that is also undoubtedly well-intentioned and sincere but very common.

She goes on and explains that, I want his heart to be perfect for me, but not his appearance, and that probably gives you a chance.

Finally, she says, I need a strong partner on my side who respects me but who is also telling me his own opinion, and to me that is where Tatyana proves to me she is more than a pretty lady with a great bank shot, because that is the recipe for a successful relationship.

She has a ton of awesome photos over at Anastasia. Check her out!

If you are thinking about visiting Tatyana in Odessa be sure to read our Odessa City Guide before you go.

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