Fresh Faced Filipina

Name: Cristine May
ID#: 198014
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
Age: 19

City: Cebu City, Philippines


Occupation: Not listed
Religion: Catholic
English Level: Good
Languages: Cebuano (native), Tagalog (good)

Archetypes: Cute & Sweet

Well, we can use the term ‘fresh faced’ because guys, she’s only 19 years old!

In truth we can call all of her ‘fresh’ because it’s all new, only made a few years ago.

If looking at her sexy, hot photos doesn’t make you squirm a bit on your seat then unfortunately my friend, you are brain dead!

Well maybe not your brain, but serious questions will need to be asked about the other important parts of your body. This girl is sensational! No other word for it.

Did we mention the size of the package this dynamo comes in? Just 99lb (45Kgs) and 5’4” means she can sit on your knee for at least 8 – 10 hours without you even knowing she is there…well apart from the fact that you have her very gorgeous body so close that a volcanic eruption is imminent!

She’s loving, loyal, faithful and romantic, all these things at just 19 years of age.

She has worked as a housemaid but that’s a waste of time for somebody that looks good enough to be a Playboy centrefold.

Filipinas are pretty close to the top of the list when it comes to being sexy – hot and Cristine May, bless her, has hit the top of my charts!

Click on Cristine May’s picture, start a conversation, see where it takes you.

Hopefully you will end up in the Philippines on a beach in Cebu with her holding your hand and wearing that bikini you see in the photo.

If the thought of that doesn’t blow your mind then you need to take a nap and do a bit of daydreaming.

You need to hurry too because as sure as my bum is pointing to the ground, Cristine May will not last long on display here: A Foreign Affair

Archetypes: Cute & Sweet

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