Ghanaian Bombshell

Name: Pauline
ID#: 1154609
Agency: Afrointroductions (Review)
Age: 26

City: Accra, Ghana


Archetypes: Models

Pauline says she’s only 4’11” but, damn, she got real busy with that small space. Check out her photo in that very revealing yellow shirt!

She’s a student and a model; probably moonlighting as a model on the side to put herself through school. Well, that makes sense to me because she says “I’m a social person…and entrepreneur in every aspect of my life”.

That’s one of the things I like about African girls in general, they’re industrious, and do what they have to do to make their life work. Well, that, and they respect their men; well, that is, if you return the respect. But, why wouldn’t you with a girl like this?

Pauline is from Accra. I spent a couple weeks there a few years back and can attest to the fact that the city turns out some pretty fine girls. It’s also a beach city; so if you get there, be sure to take Pauline to the beach and show her off.

You can see more of Pauline at Africa Beauties.

Archetypes: Models

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