Czech Mate: Beautiful, Smart, and Looking for Love

Name: Magdalena
ID#: 1790867
Agency: AnastasiaDate (Review)
Age: 24

City: Prague, Czech Republic


Occupation: Stylist
English Level: Good

Archetypes: Sexy Artists

Magdalena is a gorgeous twenty-four year old Czech girl with a smoking hot body and a good head on her shoulders.

She is a stunner and of course, so are many other ladies on the site. Actually, the ladies who don’t make the site are stunners too.

Sometimes it is one of the things that upsets us here at International Love Scout. There are just too many amazing international brides for us to possibly profile them all.

Just sorting through them is a battle, but we here soldier on.

HEY! Quit laughing.

I know it is not like going down to the coal mine every morning, but you try sorting through a couple of thousand incredibly hot ladies every day. It is harder duty than it sounds. Trust me!

So, Magdalena is a beautiful woman. She loves kids, seems sweet, and she works as a stylist in a beauty salon.

That puts her in good company with another 10,000 ladies here, but there is a full on O. Henry twist to her story.

Magdalena OWNS the beauty shop!

She is twenty-four and she owns her own salon. That rocks!

And for you, this is great for you in several ways. First, she is not broke. That means you don’t have to worry nearly as much about being played for a girl who simply wants you for your money.

That’s one of the most common fears of our readers, but it is also one of the most overblown fears.   International brides are not just after you for your money.

Second, is she wants to open a salon in your town she can if that is what she wants to do. Often the most successful ladies have a hard time translating their education and experience into jobs in the United States or other Western nations, but Magdalena would not have a lot of issues opening a beauty salon anywhere from Boston to Big Bear, California, or Bunkie, Louisiana.

In fact, it would probably be easy for her to advertise her European credentials and quickly build a good business.

Finally, she probably would do a better job of helping you take care of your money. Yeah, this might mean you couldn’t change out the spinning rims on your boat trailer this year, but in the long run, it would probably help. This lady obviously has a good head on her shoulders.

Anyhow, her profile is over at Anastasia and you could probably be talking to her in five minutes from now.

Check her out!

Archetypes: Sexy Artists

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