Curvaceous Costa Rican Woman for Marriage

Name: Arelis
ID#: 201267
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
Age: 25

City: San Jose, Costa Rica


Occupation: Massage Therapist
Religion: Christian
English Level: Poor
Languages: Romanian (fair), Spanish (native)

Archetypes: Sexy Artists

Arelis is a beautifully curvaceous jewel from Costa Rica – one look at her will have you checking to see if your passport is up to date!

College-educated and bilingual, there will be no shortage of things to speak about and do with this gem of the Americas.

Arelis is looking for a man that’s loving and faithful, so all of the players out there need not apply.

She’s also interested in traveling so once you’re with her it might be a good idea to keep that passport up to date.

The places she most wants to visit are the USA and Australia, so any of you guys from those 2 countries definitely have an advantage when pursuing this beautiful Costa Rican girl.

If you live in the USA, Costa Rica is a great choice if you are looking for Latin women for marriage; the international airport in San Jose (where Arelis lives) is only about a 3-hour flight from Miami, Atlanta, Houston, or Dallas. And it’s about 4 hours from New York.

So, you could leave the USA after breakfast and be having lunch with your Costa Rican girlfriend that same day!

Arelis describes herself as sexy, romantic and loving. Based on that description alone she would be a catch for any guy out there looking for a woman to travel the world with.

And last but not least, she’s a swimmer so if you aren’t already in shape, you probably will be after dating this girl for a couple of months.

One thing she said though was that she detests smoking, so any of the big shots that come down there with the expensive cigars might do well to stay away from her path.

It is a crime that this saucy little Latina isn’t married and you might want to give her a second look before some other lucky guy sweeps her away from your grasp. You can contact her over at Amolatina, just click on her picture up above and we will take you right on over there.

Archetypes: Sexy Artists

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