Date This Good Hearted Chinese Girl

Name: Bin
ID#: 49864
Agency: BeHappy2Day (Review)
Age: 27

City: Nanchang, China


Occupation: Artist
Religion: None
English Level: Basic
Languages: Chinese (native)

Archetypes: Sexy Artists

What could be better than marrying a Chinese artist?

I don’t know and if that is your dream.  Here is Bin.  She is 27 and a lot of Chinese men will not marry a woman over 22 or 23 because she is seen as “past her prime.”

Dear Lord!

Bin does not look past her prime to me!

This lady is gorgeous!

And wickedly fit!

Look at those photos!

Women in China have their lives all mapped out with school, then university then gets a job, get married by the age of 23 or maybe a little later, have a baby at 24 or 25, and settle into married life.

Usually, the girl’s mother helps to look after the baby after it turns 1 or 2 and the wife can return to work. So here we have Bin, who is a beautiful, young Chinese woman who most Chinese men would not be interested in.


It’s more puzzling to question why a she hasn’t married a local in a country with so many extra men!  Well, the problem is that a lot of Chinese men are scared to marry a beautiful intelligent woman.  No, joke.  The most amazing women in China – the smartest, most successful, and most beautiful – often remain unmarried.

She seems like a great girl. She writes, ” Do you think I can be the lady who brings you much joy, happiness, as well as sunshine into your life? I am warm, loving, caring and generous…?”

Bin is apparently looking for a foreign husband and hopefully, that might be you. She is certainly very, very beautiful as you might expect from a Chinese girl.

She is going to be a challenge for a romantic guy who makes contact with her because all we know about her is that she is kind, good hearted, passionate, faithful and loves family.

With her English fair poor, you will probably need a translator to help you weed out some of her hobbies and interests so that you can find some common topics to talk about at least at the beginning.  Or you could just discuss her amazing body.  Just saying….

She comes from a lovely part of China, a city that is south of Shanghai, only a short bullet train trip. Travel to Shanghai and China would make meeting her a most amazing adventure and if you’re that type, a trip that you would thoroughly enjoy.

It’s really a matter of making contact as best you can to show interest. Her photos show her as being a stunning looking young woman who probably looks as good in her underwear as she would fully dressed.

If you are sincere in your search for a Chinese partner to share your life with, then Bin would be an excellent choice for you. Don’t wait!

Archetypes: Sexy Artists

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