Tall Ukrainian Bride

Name: Katya
ID#: 190350
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
Age: 24

City: Kiev, Ukraine


Occupation: Make-up Artist
Religion: Christian (Orthodox)
English Level: Basic
Languages: Russian (excellent), Ukrainian (native)

Archetypes: Sexy Artists

Katya is a hot, tall Ukrainian bride from Kiev.  She says she is a Make-up Artist, but Lord knows what that means.

She could be a sexy police officer or tax auditor.  Maybe she is not telling anything more specific so that she doesn’t scare away any guys.

At 5’9 she very well might be a policewoman, so if you are a criminal she might not be the right lady for you.  Actually, if you are a criminal do us all a favor and do NOT contact Katya or anyone else here.

So, Katya seems like a very sweet girl.  She write that,

I want to love and to be loved. That`s why I’m looking for an intelligent person, who is strong and able to make our family happy. I want him to protect and to support me.

That is a very common sort of description of what Ukrainian ladies are looking for in a foreign man.

But then Katya goes on and writes something that really caught my eye and revealed something truly important.

She continued explaining what she is looking for in a man by explaining, My man should respect his parents and he shouldn`t refuse to help everyone.  That is amazing!

This woman is really serious about meeting the right man and I suspect she is a very good police officer or maybe she works in social services.

She might even be an army officer, but she cares about people and she has a deep sense of duty and is clear that, I dream to be with an independent, honest, spiritually rich man with strong moral values.

I am intrigued with Katya.  She is hot and tall, but it is also crystal clear that she is interested in an honest man who has a sense of morality and duty.

In this regard she is not very different from most Eastern European mail order brides who are looking for a foreign man because of the social and cultural norms across Eastern Europe.

A lot of my dear readers will also be happy to note that she doesn’t care if you remember watching the Browns the last time Cleveland won an NFL championship.

She says, I don`t care about your age,  so if you voted for JFK and thought Otto Graham was really the MVP in Cleveland in ’64 you’ve got a shot at this interesting Ukrainian bride.

Check her out.  Katya’s profile is over at A Foreign Affair.  Good Luck!

Archetypes: Sexy Artists

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