Sweet Ukrainian Bride

Name: Anastasiya
ID#: 1893768
Agency: AnastasiaDate (Review)
Age: 20

City: Kiev, Ukraine


Occupation: Not listed
English Level: Basic

There are quite a few words in the English language that are particularly useful when describing women.

Two of them that readily come to mind are beautiful and elegant. When looking at these photos of Anastasiya from Kiev, the two words go together very well and you can call her elegantly beautiful.

She is a real eye-catcher and as lovely a female as you’re likely to see.

She is very tall, at 5’11”, and if you have an inferiority complex about your height compared to a woman’s and you’re just over 5’, you better move on.

But if you don’t care how tall the woman is, then this one is for you. Just looking at the photos is enough to give you a blood rush, she is a very, very attractive lady.

Slender as well with those beautiful long legs she probably does a bit of fashion modelling.

Anastasiya has never been married, and at 20 that’s understandable, she doesn’t smoke or drink, a lot like many others in that age group and from that country.

Which is a bit of a bonus, really. She is looking for a steady relationship that will lead to marriage and a family.

She is a mature and passionate lady and is willing to teach you all about love and passion. That sounds like a challenge.

Some of her interests include reading and cooking ad she’s into psychology and philosophy.

That might mean danger or it could mean some interesting discussions. She plainly states that she is waiting for your letter.

A nice introductory message would be nice and you guys can get into some discussions about the works of Descartes and Aristotle at a later date.

But the secret is getting into some constant communication to be able to build that relationship.

Remember, she’s keen to love you in sickness and in health, till death do you part. She’s worth the effort, you just have to make it.

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