Date This Venezuelan Beauty

Name: Andrea Estefania
ID#: 51154
Agency: BeHappy2Day (Review)
Age: 28

City: Caracas, Venezuela


Occupation: Office Position
Religion: Christian
English Level: Fluent

Archetypes: Motivated Brides

We’re not sure of the age or the name of this young lady.

Maybe she was over-excited about the thought of meeting her future husband by signing on to this website and forgot to mention it as part of her bio.

The name doesn’t matter a lot, the fact is that she is looking and presumably, because you have landed on her profile, you are looking too.

With that in common let’s cut to the chase and help you make up your mind about whether to contact Andrea and move the relationship along to the next stage.

Do you qualify? Well, the answer to that question is undoubtedly yes. If you fall between the ages of 20 – 75 then you’re in with a chance.

Do you like travel? There aren’t too many human beings in the world that don’t.

Are you loving, loyal, romantic and serious about finding a partner in life? Can you see yourself alongside Andrea for the foreseeable future?

Most of these questions can be answered with a ‘yes’ because, what are you doing on an international dating site if you’re not searching?

So, having qualified yourself, the next major step is to establish contact.

You can do this by email or letter, but looking at Andrea’s profile, your correspondence will probably require a translation.

Keep that in mind if your relationship develops to the point that you will visit this young beauty in the future and need to talk to each other. An interpreter may be required.

Andrea works as a publicist in the Venezuelan capital, so she is a working girl which might mean dating will have certain time restrictions.

There are many things to see in Caracas, a city with a population of over 2 million.

The geographical mix makes it a beautifully situated city with mountains meeting the sea, beautiful beaches and lots of historical stuff to look at as well.

With the interests listed by Andrea you should have no problems finding a fair bit of common ground about which to chat.

Depending on the time you spent getting to know each other online, you might have found a few spare hours during the week to study some Spanish.

Basic Spanish is rather easy, and it shows you are interested in their culture and language.

Considering there are many Spanish speaking countries in South America, it’s not a bad idea to add a language to your repertoire anyway.

If you have been looking at Andrea’s pics, you will have seen a very interesting piece of body art on her – the area from the navel to the groin.

Tracing that tattoo would be an enjoyable part of an evening out. A real ‘hoot’ you might say. How wise is that owl?

Archetypes: Motivated Brides

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