Hot Colombian Nurse

Name: Alejandra
ID#: 124067424
Agency: AmoLatina (Review)
Age: 25

City: Antioquia, Colombia


Occupation: Nurse
Languages: German, English, Spanish

Archetypes: Motivated Brides

Colombian hot nurse

There’s something really sexy about a woman who says in her profile that she likes to be “naughty with her man.”

It makes it a lot worse for your mental images when you have photos of sexy young things like Alejandra to look at as well. It’s her that will be naughty?

Heaven forbid! Alejandra is tall, with black hair and dark inviting eyes. She lives in Medellin, Colombia, and works as a nurse.

Presumably she is still attending college as she is just 20 years old. If the being naughty didn’t do it for you, then her being a nurse and looking after you in hospital just might.

Alejandra has a sense of humour, problem is that it might be a Spanish sense of humour and your attempts to crack a funny might get lost in the translation.

No harm in trying. Now that’s assuming you are going after this sexy lovely. Here you are reading her profile and looking at her photos, so what more interest do you need?

She’s hot, there’s no arguing with that. She wants a guy who is older than 18 years. There’s no cap on that but perhaps if you’re 82, just click through to the next girl, ok?

Otherwise, you are in the right age bracket. Are you a gentleman and a considerate lover? Give yourself some extra points on these and go ahead and make contact.

It’s not like you are at a local bar and make a move on a girl and get a slap across the face. Alejandra is thousands of miles away.

If she gets offended or doesn’t want to play with you, then no harm done. Not to your ego and not to her selection process.

That’s the beauty of online relationships. It’s a bit like online shopping. The food, or product, in this case the girls, want you to buy them, or at least look.

If they are not to your taste, keep moving down the aisle. It sounds a bit cold and unfeeling, but it’s the truth.

Manufacturers dress up their products to attract you. The girls online dress up to attract you.

The difference is that with a real human being you can have a relationship. You can’t have that same relationship with a can of beans. Perhaps you can with a block of chocolate though. ?

Check Alejandra out and see if you can form that relationship and start communicating. She looks very sweet and loving, as all nurses should.

The main problem is you. Getting over your shyness and practicing your procrastination. You might be pleasantly surprised at the reaction you get.

As they say: You have to be in it to win it!

Archetypes: Motivated Brides

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