A Sexy Thai Doctor

Name: Ginny
ID#: 167076
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
Age: 22

City: Bangkok, Thailand


Occupation: Trainee Doctor
Religion: Agnostic
English Level: Excellent
Languages: Tagalog (excellent), Thai (native)

Archetypes: Geek Goddesses

Thai women really are amazing and Ginny here is more amazing than most.  She is young, smart, and completely stunning.

She is a medical student and she speaks “excellent” English.   That is important.  One of the biggest problems with Thai girls is that a lot of them do not speak ANY English or any other foreign language, and, Thai is a particularly difficult language to learn.

But a lot of guys try because the girls are so HOT!

Look at the body on this babe!

Thai doctor with a hot body

Ginny seems to have a very good head on her shoulders.  She is not looking for a rock star or even her prince charming.  She says that, “I wish to meet an honest and good man.”

And for most American men marrying a Thai doctor might be the only way you’ll ever be able to afford decent healthcare in your old age unless you are a hedge fund manager or the last of the Rockefellers.

Check her out!

Archetypes: Geek Goddesses

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