Bangkok Bride

Name: Pon
ID#: 187634
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
Age: 28

City: Bangkok, Thailand


Occupation: Dealer
Religion: Christian
English Level: Good
Languages: French (good), Thai (native)

Archetypes: Motivated Brides

If you’re reading this and haven’t looked at the photo of Maria in her additional photos then you are missing out on what might be one of the hottest, sexiest pictures you’re likely to see on this website.

It’s sensational and that adjective goes for Maria herself. She is burning fingers hot!


As Maria says, she is a tall girl at 5’7” and perhaps a better description would be statuesque. She is a woman with a really, really stunning body.

In addition to her looks Maria has a great job and can speak Tagalog as well as Thai and English.

She likes to keep that beautiful body toned and you can tell her when you talk to her that she is succeeding admirably.

Maria works as a translator so that means her English is also good and that means for you that you will be able to have meaningful conversations with her.

As risky as it may seem, because guys tend to shy away from really beautiful women thinking that they have no chance, you should try to make contact with her and start a bit of a dialogue.

Find out her interests because they seem to be sadly lacking from her profile.

You can make that work in your favour though because her hobbies can be the basis of a lot of questions and chat.

This gorgeous honey is not after your money as she is quite happy in her job and can look after herself.  The myth that mail order brides are all gold diggers drives me nuts!

What she wants is love and happiness.

If you’re the type of guy that is not intimidated by captivating beauty and can hold your own in an intimate conversation and Maria is just your type, then it’s probably a good idea to make contact with her as soon as possible.

It’s hard to believe that a hot Thai babe like Maria will be standing around for too long waiting for an act of bravery, so contact her NOW before it is too late.

If this Thai beauty doesn’t float your boat then head on over to our Thai Bride Gallery to check out hundreds of other beautiful single Thai girls dating profiles.

Archetypes: Motivated Brides

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