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Beautiful Belarus Mother

Name: Julia
Age: 39
City: Minsk, Belarus
Agency: A Pretty Woman (Read Our Review)
ID#: D382

Have you ever met a mom that is just so strikingly beautiful that you have to do a double take? If you have not, then you haven't seen Julia.

This 39 year old mother of two is a beautiful blue eyed redhead from Minsk, Belarus. She describes herself as clever, sociable and kind and she enjoys traveling, cooking and communicating.

Wait, is that a tattoo on her belly?

Julia works as an economist. Combined with being a single mother of two, I would think this probably means she is very skilled with handling money.

A woman that cooks and budgets? Now that's a good combination.

Her favorite sports are horse riding and figure skating. They may be independent sports, so maybe you won't do them together, but they are both definitely fun to watch a beautiful woman do.

Julia is looking for a man that is 28 to 53. I actually thought about those numbers for a while trying to understand her motivation for picking them. AHA! It is a 25 year span.

I guess she is looking for something specific and age is not one of the factors.

She says she is looking for a man that is clever, sociable, kind and attentive. She left out "who likes kids" but I'm sure that is a major prerequsite if you want to date this beautiful Belarus babe.


Profile Updated: 09/23/2015