Young Chinese Girls

Name: Minlan

Age:  22

City: Shanghai, China

Agency: AsianDate (Review)

ID#: 1286318


sweet young Chinese babe

When you consider your options in China, it’s always best to go with the better educated girls, only because they’re more likely to speak English…. and be open to more Western ways.

After education, go for beauty (if you’re a bit shallow like me, that is). Minlan here fits that approach like a glove. She’s a 22 year old university graduate who works as a music teacher.

And, when you look at all the photos she’s posted, you’ll agree she has the beauty angle sewn up as well as the education.

More and more of these young Chinese girls jam up to the internet marketing ways and seem to know what it takes to get interest generated.

They put together a nice bio (alone or with some help), post some very alluring photos, and wait for the cream to rise to the top.

I like it that way, and you should too. It only makes our job that much less complicated, and that much more fun.

To see what I mean, check out Minlan’s profile at Asian Date.

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