Young Asian Beauty

Name: Lily

Age:  21

City: Zhanjiang, China

Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)

ID#: 155379


Are you the knight in shining armor that Lily is waiting for – the Prince Charming who wants to sweep her off her feet?

If so, then you might be the lucky guy who gets to do just that. Just one look at this stunning Chinese lady should be more than enough to have your pulse racing, and make you want to get in contact with her as soon as you possibly can.

There’s no denying that there’s something completely captivating about this young Asian beauty.

This exotic, Asian princess is just 21-years old and is looking for a kind and understanding guy to complete her life.

You have to remember that Chinese women have a lot of expectations put on them, no matter how well educated they are. That is a big reason why so many decide to become Asian mail order brides. Foreign men are just more accepting.

This means that Lily is searching for a guy who’s more open-minded than the Chinese guys she might have dated in the past.

As for Lily’s personality she describes herself as …considerate, kind, honest, easy-going, passionate, faithful and romantic and she’s also educated to University level, which means one simple thing for you: she’s the perfect woman!

Physically she’s petite, with long, flowing black hair, and eyes so deep and beautiful, you feel that you could lose yourself in them for the rest of your life.

The first thing I always notice in a girl are her eyes, and Lily bowled me over with hers.

Are you thinking that at 21 she might be just a tiny bit too young for you? Well guys, the reality is that Chinese women want to meet a guy and settle down when they’re young, because in China once you hit your late 20s it’s a completely different dating scene for women.

Lily doesn’t have any kids either, but like most Asian women she’s family oriented – it’s an essential part of Asian culture.

Lily doesn’t speak fluent English, but then when two people are speaking the language of love none of that really matters. Plus, wouldn’t it be fun to help her improve her conversational English, while you learn some Chinese?

Girls like Lily don’t come along very often in life, so grab the opportunity to get to know he better while you still can.