Single Mexican Woman Seeking Marriage

Name: Hilda Michaelle

Age:  26

City: Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)

ID#: 174203


This twenty-six year old Mexican slice of heaven isn’t as hard a woman to please as you might think just from first glance.

She describes herself as a very good and honest person. She is also very romantic and passionate, all good qualities that you should look for in a potential wife.

Hilda Michaelle is also a very educated and sophisticated person, so you might want to get used to eating at fancy places if you decide to ask her out.

Or at the very least do some research and find out what side of the plate the salad fork is supposed to go on.

One of her favorite hobbies is singing. She can often find herself singing in just about any place and location. If you wake up one morning to the sound of her velvety voice echoing through your home do not be surprised in the slightest.

What she is asking for in a man is somebody that is the mirror image of herself.

She wants a man who is…

attentive, sophisticated, loving, responsible, who wants to share good times and we can start a serious relationship and is based on love

If you can do all that it might be a good idea to say hello to Hilda Michaelle. You can get more info about this Mexican beauty or contact her over at A Foreign Affair.

Good luck guys!

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