Sexiest Abs In Ukraine

Name: Mariya
ID#: 182569
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
Age: 33
City: Kharkov, Ukraine


Archetypes: Fitness Girls,

Mariya is AWESOME!

She is smart, sweet, and she probably has the best abs in Ukraine and possibly all of Europe.

Hot Damn!

Actually, she might have the best abs anywhere.  I haven’t been able to do a detailed investigation of the subject like I would like, but I believe the photo below makes it clear she is in the running.

This lady obviously spends a lot of quality time in the gym. I bet a girl built like that could help get you in great shape.

Or at least I bet that Mariya could inspire you to try to get in great shape.  Ok, at least you would love to admire HER great shape.

And besides those abs she does have an ass that just don’t stop. My God!  What a woman.

But there is a lot more to Mariya than her body.  This lady is smart and truly grounded.  She has a gorgeous smile and she really is a positive, intelligent, and very generous person.

If she decided she likes you, and that of course depends on you, she will be more kind and patient with your failings than you probably deserve.

Mariya explains that, Optimistic lady, kind and friendly person. I know for sure what I what from my life and how to do it. I can do everything to achieve the best result that I need. My rule is I see the goal – do not see any barriers.

Also, Mariya likes flowers – a lot.

Mariya claims she is almost her English is advanced, almost fluent, but that doesn’t matter much on A Foreign Affair because they have a great chat system that instantly translates your writing into her language.  So, you could be chatting with Mariya in ten minutes.

She really is a special lady.  If you are lucky enough to chat with her prepare to be amazed, because she really is a very deeply grounded person.  Check her out!

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