Colombian Woman Seeking Mate

Name: Mariana

Age:  24

City: Alejandría, Colombia

Agency: AmoLatina (Review)

ID#: 211901298641

Wow! Those hazel eyes! It’s hard to stop staring, really. That green dress gently draped on her shoulders… Whew! How do those Colombian guys stay sane with such a beauty among them?

A 24 year old engineer, Mariana is a dream from another world. She’s a small, dainty flower, but you can tell by looking that she has something molten inside of her. You don’t have to look too deep, though! That fire seems to come to the surface quite easily. She may be gorgeous, but that’s not all.

Journalists are such an interesting bunch. Being a writer at heart, she could spin words that will bring thoughts of fear, or thoughts of bliss and harmony to your mind. Even her words drip with passion and heat.

She isn’t only described by her profession, though. She loves many kinds of sports, going to the gym, and just seeing new places. When she isn’t writing for her job, she loves watching Tennis or even reading a good book.

She also loves Italian food and watching action movies. Spaghetti and Die Hard with Mariana would kick Bruce Willis’ action packed adventures way out of my mind. I’m sure just having her in the room would make action movies seem much less interesting!

So, what does it take for a sexy, smart, active woman to get a message? Go ahead and tell her hello!