Beautiful Blond Belarus Beauty

Name: Kseniya

Age:  22

City: Minsk, Belarus

Agency: AnastasiaDate (Review)

ID#: 1965510


Kseniya is breathtaking, beautiful, brunette, and from Minsk, Belarus.

She works as a student and is looking for a lover and friend that is intelligent, strong, and has a sense of humor.

She is exactly the sort of girl you can meet on Anastasiadate, which is why we recommend them still.

Anastasiadate is the best place to meet the most beautiful women in the world there is no better site. Kseniya is a case in point.

I had to do a double take when I first stumbled across her profile. She is younger than most of the girls we feature on our site, yet she is strikingly gorgeous.

strikingly gorgeous Belarus girl

Yes, I think that photo makes my case better than any summation Clarence Darrow ever made. Zoinks!

Kseniya is a stunner!  She is has an expression that makes it clear she knows exactly what she wants in life.

Don’t you hope you are that lucky guy?

This beautiful Belarus woman describes herself as being different, but whatever you do don’t call her cute!

She explains that,  I have heard that people say about me “she is cute” )  Now, on one level she doesn’t mind it.  She says, I think that describes me pretty well.

Personally, I was thinking of something more expressive like stunning, sexy, hot, or sultry.

But Kseniya goes on and explains what is wrong with describing her just as cute: For sure that one singe phrase is not enough to say what kind of person am I, but i would like you to want to know me much dipper (I think she means deeper) than just “cute” and expect you to ask me whatever you want so I could surprise you with my deep personality and character 🙂

Maybe this different thing has something to do with her city’s strange UFO activity.

Apparently Minsk may have been visited on several occasions by extraterrestrials. There are numerous sightings in and around Minsk including the famous Tbilisi-sighting.

They obviously are not very intelligent beings because they did not abduct the beautiful Kseniya. Thank you aliens for leaving this beautiful Belarus bride here on Earth!

She is not looking for superman, but she wants a real man.  Kseniya explains, Every woman wants to be sure that her man always know what to do, so she will feel secured with him.

That is s pretty common description and this young lady is smart enough to realize that.  She goes on and writes, Perhaps I also don’t have to write what kind of man you should be?

That is a little saucy and smart, but Kseniya is not some ironic California girl.  She is a full on Slavic woman full of romantic desires.

She explains to her potential suitors that,

You have to be yourself, and you have to know that you want to be with me, i am sure if i will meet a man who will do anything for being with me, i will not have a chance to resist :)) And what would be the point in any resistance then?

Kseniya has never been married and does not have any children.

Her English is poor, but she says she is going to start learning.  I bet she does.  She seems like an honest serious girl.

If you would like to change that about her, you can first contact her at Anastasiadate, a great international dating company for chatting with cute goddesses like Kseniya.

And Belarus just soften their ridiculous rules on visas.  Up until recently it was a nightmare to travel to Minsk.

The visa was brutal and slow. But recently they created a five-day tourist category to allow visitors to see the best sites on a short vacation.

I would say there is nothing as interesting in Belarus as Kseniya if she is interested in you.  Check her out!

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