Beautiful Ukrainian Violinist

Name: Tatyana
ID#: 186332
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
Age: 19

City: Mariupol, Ukraine


Occupation: Not Listed
Religion: Christian (Orthodox)
English Level: Basic
Languages: Russian (excellent), Ukrainian (native)

Tatyana is a cute and sexy 5″8 Ukrainian with long blonde hair, mesmerizing brown eyes, and at just 19 years old is ready to settle down and make a family of her own.

She does not currently have any children and is divorced. Tatyana also does not smoke or drink, so a man that shares similar values would make the most sense.

She does speak and have an interest in furthering her understanding of the English language which is a huge plus, making her a very desirable Ukrainian bride.

Tatyana is a very confident, pretty, and witty woman that doesn’t look a day over 25, knows what she wants out of life, a man, and won’t let anyone stop her from pursuing and achieving those goals.

This Ukrainian beauty is also very creative, loves music, and is a graduate majoring in Music from her local university.

Tatyana is extremely talented, knows how to play the violin extremely well, and is also big on self-development and success.

She loves reading, learning new things, and aspires to travel, adventure, and meet new people.

This lovely Ukrainian lady also enjoys going to the park and the simpler things in life – which means she isn’t a ‘high maintenance’ woman.

Her favorite food is cherry pie, and a man that knows how to cook would most likely spark her interest. Tatyana is not picky or demanding and simply desires a strong and kind man that is loving, sincere, and loyal.

For any man looking for a seriously committed, loyal, experienced and mature woman Tatyana is a perfect choice – so don’t be shy to drop her a message expressing your interest.

She is also very social, loves to learn, meet new people, and make friends any place she goes. This Ukrainian head-turner is worth getting to know, and would make an excellent wife for the right man!

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