A Russian Bride

Name: Kristina

Age:  26

City: Nelidovo, Russia

Agency: Elenas Models (Review)

ID#: 1208531


Where I come from, we talk about the LTT syndrome, the “Long Tall Texan”. Well, I’m not sure how that translates to Russian, but Kristina surely qualifies.

Get these stats: 5’10”, 123 pounds. That’s long; that’s tall; and that’s premium packaging, in whatever language you choose.

Ah, now it all fits in place. She says her favorite sport is basketball. Center, maybe? Or a fast-fingered forward? Take one look at her sexy pictures and you’ll agree the girl’s athletic…..and beautiful.

The girl’s only 26, has been married and is now divorced with a 7-year old son. But, like most Russian girls, she’s a go-getter and provider. She works as a manager and says she’s “an active worker, and simply beautiful”.

You’ll have to get the full story from her but I’ll say one thing, Russian girls don’t suffer foolish men easily. If you don’t cut the bill, you’re gone. Just a friendly word of warning, buckaroos!

Please head over to Elenas models and collect this hardworking, beautiful, and loving mother.

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