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Super Hot Dominican Girl

Name: Ana Roxanna
Age: 28
City: Santo Domingo Norte, Dominican Republic
Agency: Amolatina (Read Our Review)
ID#: 1101213

Damn!  Ana Roxanna is a hot 28-year-old Dominican girl.

She likes sports a lot and that's good.  Even better she is willing to consider a man up to 65. 

She says that she is a customer service rep, but she also says she speaks intermediate English.  That seems odd, because most of the customer service reps I talk to do not speak intermediate English.  In fact, most of them do not speak English at all!  Well, maybe she is a supervisor. 

She has a lot of other good photos up over at Amolatina, the leader in hot Dominican girls.  Check her out!

Profile Updated: 09/11/2015