Luscious Latina Lady

Name: Glendys
ID#: 51202
Agency: BeHappy2Day (Review)
Age: 26

City: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic


Occupation: Fitness Instructor
Religion: Christian
English Level: Fluent

Archetypes: Bikini Brides

Some of these Dominican girls are very clever the way they position their ads. I don’t know if they are all marketing students of the new social media or what, but they really seem to understand the marketing concept of minimalism. Or, really it’s more like seductive marketing minimalism.

What do I mean? Well, take this Dominican hottie, Mary. I mean the pics are enough of a lure to get me to take the bait: beautiful cappuccino-colored skin, eyes big as Ohio, and a smile that melts my heart…

Dominican fitness girl taking selfie

But, no, there’s more, and this is where the minimalism comes in. One word responses that beg me to ask for more. For instance:

  • Favorite season – Summer
  • Favorite destination – Europe
  • First kiss – Thirteen

Maybe it’s not the girls, but Be Happy Today. Whoever did it, superb marketing; it pulls me right in. You’ll score a hat trick with Mary: beautiful, educated, and an open door to any guys from 23 to 60, if you fit her criteria.

Check her out at Be Happy Today’s Luscious website.

Archetypes: Bikini Brides

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