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Chinese Model

Name: Yaqin
Age: 23
City: Hengyang, China
Agency: Asian Beauties (Read Our Review)
ID#: 1163696

Yaqin admits that she doesn't say much, and she thinks that is a good thing.

So, once again I'm forced to use my vast knowledge of foreign women, and my uncanny Sherlock Holmes like sleuthing abilities to ferrit out some useful information for those of you who are looking for more than just a pretty face in your future Chinese bride.

First, you will notice that I have listed Yaqin as a "Chinese Model" even though her dating profile does not list her as such. 

I've decided she must secretly be a model for a couple of reasons:

  1. She's model-hot
  2. Her career goal is to be a flight attendant

Now, knowing a little something about China, I can tell you that the majority of Chinese flight attendants are model quality hot.

It's actually a requirement on most Chinese airlines (seriously).  Here's a news story to prove it:

And if you are more of the visual type here are some hot asian flight attendents on flicker to add merit to my case.

So, in conclusion, if the beautiful Yaqin is planning on being a flight attendant she must therefore also be a model!

Man, I'm good!

Okay, Yaqin does say a few things in her profile. For example, she likes nice music and good movies. Her favorite sport is ping pong and she likes to watch badminton.

I feel like I know her already! 

Regardless of what it is Yaqin actually does, she is looking for a man to share her life with. Other than her preferred age range (28-60) she does not say much more. Remember, she doesn't say much.

If you like a challenge why not see if you can pry more information out of this beautiful Chinese girl by contacting her over at AsianBeauties.

Profile Updated: 09/01/2015
Tags: Cute , Models
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