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Are Russian Mail Order Brides For Real?

“Are Russian Mail Order Brides For Real? These Beautiful Women Must Be Scammers!”

This is pretty much THE question that every guy asks when they first begin to investigate pursuing a beautiful mail order bride. The reason is pretty simple. The media loves stories about beautiful scammers who duped some pathetic man they met on an international dating site or awful tales of bastards who likes to beat the poor foreign girl he met online.

Fair enough, but those stories represent just a tiny percentage of the relationships between Western men and foreign women that first blossom online. The vast majority of the relationships turn out to be successes to one degree or another with the ups and downs common in any relationship.

As our article Divorce and the Mail Order Bride points out these relationship seem to last a little BETTER than other relationships.

But that really doesn’t answer many questions for most guys, particularly for men interested in Eastern European mail order brides. It just seems hard to believe that so many beautiful, intelligent, talented young women are ready to leave their native country and journey around the world to marry a man from another culture.

It just doesn’t seem to add up for a lot of men, but that’s because they don’t really understand the culture of post-communist Eastern Europe.

Russia and the other nations of Eastern Europe have undergone incredible political, economic, and cultural transformation since the fall of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s and some of those changes have not been particularly positive for women, particularly Russian women.

Now, many of the most beautiful, talented, and educated Russian women have no interest in dating Russian men. A recent article by a Russian woman, Anna Nemtsova, at The Daily Beast entitled, Russia’s Single Ladies Fed Up With Country’s Useless Bachelors, explains:

The litany of complaints that Russian ladies have against their male counterparts is long: They smoke too much and drink too much. They cheat shamelessly and curse freely. They expect their girlfriends and wives to clean for them, cook for them, and to look like models. More seriously, they are often violent and feel threatened by independent, high-earning women.

That is really only the first sip of Vodka in this article and it really helps explain why Sexy Russian Models and Beautiful Ukrainian Doctors want to meet foreign men. Although, the article is describing the situation in Russia in particular it holds true to one extent or another to all the states of Eastern Europe and it explains why the primary force behind the modern mail order bride movement is NOT economics – not today.

These women want to meet a good man. A man who will treat them with the love and respect they deserve. That is the primary reason why so many amazing Russian women sign up with international dating sites and I hope you don’t disappoint them.

This article is a MUST read for any man interested in Russian mail order brides – an ABSOLUTE must read! Here is a link to that article: Russia’s Single Ladies Fed Up With Countries Useless Bachelors!




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