Well Educated Woman From China

Name: Yan Xia
ID#: 1214619
Agency: AsianDate (Review)
Age: 30

City: Zhuzhou, China


Occupation: Salesperson
English Level: Good

Archetypes: Cute & Sweet

foxy China babe wearing a stunning red dress

Yan is a sexy, well-educated woman from China, who enjoys life to the fullest. At 30, she has already completed college education and is now focused on her career as a salesperson.

This reflection of her qualities of hard-work and determination to achieve her dreams, and is determined to do this while still young. Like most Chinese women, she is health conscious, and is therefore neither a drinker nor a smoker.

This shows her commitment towards living a long and healthy life, and she has taken the right steps towards that direction.

Yan is a happy girl who enjoys the simplest things in life. She knows quite well that it is difficult to find enjoyment in sophisticated things, if you cannot appreciate the simple things that life has to offer.

This is reflected in her cute and loving personality, and her cheerful character. She loves listening to music and dancing during her leisure time. In fact, dancing is held dearly to her, and she doesn’t mind pulling a move or two whenever she gets an opportunity.

The ideal man for Yan Xia is a gentle man, who is caring and has a kind character. She is looking for a serious relationship.

Archetypes: Cute & Sweet

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