Cote d’lvoire Girl

Name: Koudou
ID#: 1230589
Agency: Afrointroductions (Review)
Age: 23

City: Abidjan, Ivory Coast


Koudou is beautiful 23 year old that lives in Abidjan, Cote d’lvoire, a former French colony.

Koudou wants to be an Engineer and she’s on her way to that goal as we speak. You have to respect a woman with dreams and the power to achieve them.

Koudou is as fun and trendy as she is smart. The blonde highlights in her dark brown hair really make her look like she’s ready to let loose and take on the world. Purple is probably her favorite color, telling by her pictures, but you might want to ask to be sure!

When she wants to just kick back and have fun, she listens to R&B or watches a good comedy movie with some popcorn.

Sometimes she plays Tennis and she really loves watching Rugby, one of the roughest sports in the world.

She reads, she plays, and she studies. What’s not to love? She’s a gorgeous, French speaking aspiring Engineer with an open heart.

French is sometimes called the language of love, and there are plenty of beautiful ladies to show it!

Go on and send her a message on Africa Beauties, I’m sure she would love to share a bag of popcorn and watch a movie with you, or maybe chat about books! There’s so much promise.

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