Sexy Ghanaian Teacher

Name: Mercy
ID#: 1166055
Agency: Afrointroductions (Review)
Age: 27

City: Kumasi, Ghana


Archetypes: Motivated Brides

Color me envious! Why didn’t they provide sexy teachers like Mercy when I was in grammar school? Aw, yeh, I guess you’re right; maybe they did but, at the age of seven, I hadn’t started noticing those things.

Mercy’s from up in the center of Ghana, in a beautiful city called Kumasi. Not exactly a country girl but a bit different than the big city Accra girls. I like how she describes her openness to life, “I am down to earth and can accommodate all kind of characters even under the same roof”.

Now don’t get any ideas you can haul in your crazy crew; I don’t think that’s what she’s talking about. She’s just showing that she possesses that great African trait of inclusiveness.

Oh, yeh, and before I go, let me say, she’s also pretty hot to look at. Let me give full disclosure here, she’s looking for a guy who is “above all, marriage-minded”.

If that describes you, my man, get on over to Africa Beauties and check this sweet teacher out right now.

Archetypes: Motivated Brides

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