Precious Dominican Mom

Name: Natali
ID#: 147082
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
Age: 28

City: Santiago, Dominican Republic

Yes: 1 – girl, 6 y/o

Occupation: Customer Service
Religion: Catholic
English Level: Good
Languages: Spanish (native)

Archetypes: Hot Moms

OK, I know not everyone’s looking for a built-in family. But if you’re one of the guys who are, and want a marriage with a beautiful Dominican woman – check out Natali.

I’ve dated women with kids, and I personally like the greater maturity they sometimes show. I mean, if you’re a mom, and still young and in great shape, like Natali here, you have to be a little more serious about life, right? Now, that doesn’t have to mean boring, just a little more serious about responsibilities.

And Latin culture wrote the book about family and family values. You marry a Dominican; you’re marrying her family, from her children to her parents, to her aunts and uncle, cousins, and on and on.

Again, it’s not for everybody. But, if it’s something you like, that extended family thing; you will find it doesn’t get any better than in the DR.

Natali’s 28 and works as a stylist. That tells me she’s probably serious about supporting herself and her kid but would love the additional support of any man “who can please her, love her, and respect her“.

This girl is definitely NOT looking for a “blow and go” type guy; so you guys, please move on to some other hot Dominican girl, ok? But, if you’re a serious guy, from 26-76, and want a nice family girl, head on over to A Foreign Affair and check out Natali.

Archetypes: Hot Moms

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