Fit Single Mom!

Name: Yana
ID#: 42144
Agency: BeHappy2Day (Review)
Age: 32

City: Cherkassy, Ukraine

Yes: Son, 6 y/o

Occupation: Fitness instructor
Religion: Catholic
English Level: Fluent

Archetypes: Hot Moms, Fitness Girls

If you are a gym junkie looking for a fit single mom all I have to say is, “Here’s Yana!”

This woman is a beautiful single mom who also happens to be a fitness instructor – BADA BING BADA BOOM!

blonde fitness instructor

Look at those abs!

This lady is built!

But she also seems very sweet.  Look at her smile.

cute Ukrainian mom with a sweet smile

And those legs, dear God those legs!

No, her smile shows her heart.  Look at this photo and see if it doesn’t melt your heart:

Ukrainian blonde with an amazing smile

What an amazing smile and….  Oh, my God she has a full on R&B ass!

No, Yana is more than just another amazingly sexy Ukrainian girl.  She is kind smart and sweet!

The fitness instructor gig is a part-time thing.  She is actually a full-time doctor!

She explains her situation, “I spent a huge part of my life studying medicine, because I love helping people so much.”  That is the kind of woman you need, because I am sure you need some help.

Heck! I need help too.  I am not sure I should post Yana, but until Google gets our rankings straight again I guess I have to.  Seriously, I am not joking about Google or Yana.  I suspect she would be a very interesting person to meet and the child means she is going to be very serious.

What more do you want?

Yana is hot, smart, compassionate, AND you could date her!  She is not looking for Superman or even Brad Pitt.  She explains what she is looking for like this,

“There is no perfection in this world, this is the only thing I know for sure. The first thing my man should know is that I have a son, I do not ask to be his father, but at least a good example of a gentleman for him. There are some qualities I appreciate a lot, for example, honesty, vivacity, a good sense of humor. A man`s inner world means much more for me than his appearance.”

There is so much for you to like there.  She is not interested in appearances and that my friend almost certainly works in your favor.

You should feel like you just won the Powerball.  And hopefully when Yana meets you she will feel the same way.

Best Wishes!

Archetypes: Hot Moms, Fitness Girls

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