Most Beautiful Brunette in the World

Name: Maria
ID#: 50118
Agency: BeHappy2Day (Review)
Age: 21

City: Zaporozhye, Ukraine


Occupation: Model
Religion: Russian Orthodox
English Level: Basic
Languages: Not listed

Archetypes: Models

WOW! Maria is stunning in that red dress! Jaw dropping! Head turning – heart attack hot!

We have a lot of hot women on International Love Scout and Maria is hot-hot-hot!

I live in beautiful Santa Monica, California. I see some hotties day in and day out and let’s just say Maria is as hot as they come and then some. She really is one of the hottest brunettes in the world.


busty and long haired Ukrainian model

And, sadly, Maria is probably about as serious of a mail order bride as you’ll ever find. I say sadly, because she is from Moscow, Russia which used to be in Ukraine until Putin and the Russian Army ripped it away from Ukraine.

Moscow was not damaged in the take over, but Maria works as a model. The Russian invasion and the sanctions that followed killed the tourism industry, and you can see why a young, talented lady would want to look for somewhere else to build her life.

But if you write her don’t take advantage of that unfortunate situation. If anything that should make you become more of a gentleman, because it gives you something of an unfair advantage.

Of course, she would rather be living in London, New York, Santa Monica, or even Oklahoma, well at least until she spotted an F-5 tornado rumbling across the prairie sounding every bit as scary as one of Putin’s tank divisions, but you shouldn’t use that unfairly.

Instead, you should treat her like a princess looking for her knight in shining armor. In the long run both you and her will both be happier.

Wow! But this lady is HOT! She has a lot of other SWEET photos over on BeHappy2day, which is one of our favorite dating sites.

That woman is built! Simply built, I’m sure she must have some flaws. I know she does, but her photographs don’t reveal anything but sheer perfection.

And she isn’t looking for a knight in shining armor just, “…an honest and reasonable man!”

Dude, surely you can manage that much. That’s the very least she deserves. No that’s the least any woman deserves. If you can manage that give her a call. She might be able to rescue you too. I am sure she’ll try.

She is not a pushover. Maria says she is looking for…

A man, who is caring, who is handsome, and who has a big heart, a man, who can turn a night into a day for us, who will laugh at my jokes and will eat all that I will cook for him even if it is a little bit salted,) a man, who doesn’t need the sun in the sky for having a good day, because all that he needs is Me, and all that I need is my man! Just let us have a chance for each other!

Really, what more can you want from a girl?

Archetypes: Models

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