Sexy Kazakh Economists

Name: Madina
ID#: 1234732
Agency: AsianDate (Review)
Age: 23

City: Almaty, Kazakhstan


Occupation: Economist
English Level: Good

Archetypes: Geek Goddesses

alluring Kazakhstan lady sitting in a couch

How many sexy economists do you know? Even if you already know a few, how many of them are from Kazakhastan?

I can bet that it won’t be many. I am happy to say that Madina is one of the few.

Madina seduces you with a Mona Lisa smile and softly curling black hair while she writes about her want for a good career.

attractive Kazakh girl

Don’t worry though guys – her first goal is a strong family, and she has dreamt of meeting a gentleman who would respect and protect her.

Now who wouldn’t want a wife that’s good with numbers that he can protect?

Well, if numbers are not your thing, or if it is and you don’t need a wife that loves them too, did I forget to mention that she is a model also?

Yes, according to her profile she does fashion shows, loves the gym and loves to travel.

So, you’re probably wondering what this girl does not do. Okay here are a few. She doesn’t drink or smoke.

Judging by her pictures, she doesn’t wear very revealing clothes, and she doesn’t like betrayal.

Okay fine, the girl is probably perfect.

But before you book a flight to Almaty, I would suggest chatting with her online first.

Anyone can look great in a picture or sound good on a profile, but chatting often gives you a little better idea about who you are dealing with.

You could start by exchanging math problems – if you are in to that type of stuff.

Archetypes: Geek Goddesses

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