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Name: Olga
ID#: 50540
Agency: BeHappy2Day (Review)
Age: 24

City: Orenburg, Russia


Occupation: Health care
Religion: Christian
English Level: Good

Archetypes: Bikini Brides

Olga is a sexy Russian businesswoman born under the sign of the Dragon.  The Dragon is the mightiest of all signs.

Dragon women live for mystery and imagination.  A powerful package indeed.  Olga says she lives to experiment.

I’m sure that brings many images to mind, but look at the image below and I am sure even more images will pop into your mind.

Olga does not want to waste time.  She’s not interested in a virtual flirt.  She is certain true love exists and will do anything to find it.

She wants to be conquered.  What man in their right mind wouldn’t love to conquer this woman.

She’s a believer as well.  A Christian and proud of it.  She has very strong family values.  A trait highly sought after in these modern times.

She explains that,

I am a women who wants to be loved. I believe that it is possible to find some plus points always and in every situation. And I truly believe that everything that happens in our life depends on our destiny.

Don’t you need a positive woman?  I think every man needs a positive woman.

You know the kind of woman who can listen to you mom complain about her cooking and think of it as trying to be helpful instead of telling dear old mom she can just pack her own lunch the next time she visits.

Yes, a positive woman is always and Olga is positive and romantic.  She says that,

One thing I am absolutely certain, I can’t live this life without love, tenderness and passion.

In my experience, anyone who says they’re into fitness is very very important.  Fitness starts in the mind, then with the physical act moves into the body.

So, Olga is a person interested in fitness of the body mind and soul.  And as you can see Olga’s fitness program is working very well!

Dragon women are powerful, kind-hearted, successful, innovative, brave, healthy and enterprising.

And her view of what she wants in a man is simple and straightforward.  She is not looking for Superman or Prince Charming.

She writes that,

I want to find here a person who understands the responsibilities and values of relationships. I want to wake up in the morning feeling his sweet kisses and fall asleep feeling his soft touch. My man will always feel how much I need and love him! For me, the inside is more important than just outside.

With her charming and seductive green eyes, and desire for deep morning kisses, Olga’s world is one worth checking out.

If you are reliable, intelligent, confident, with a sense of humor, welcome to my world.

You can find Olga and her world on her profile listed in Be Happy Today.

Archetypes: Bikini Brides

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