Blond Ukrainian Fitness Model

Name: Vladislava
ID#: 171904
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
Age: 27

City: Kharkov, Ukraine


Occupation: Fitness Trainer
Religion: Christian
English Level: Basic
Languages: Ukrainian (native), Russian (excellent)

Vladislava is an incredibly hot fitness girl.   The chance to find exactly the woman you really want is one of the amazing things about international dating.

Could you meet a fitness model like Vladislava in your home town?

And if you could meet her would she do anything more for you than fill out a stalking report on you at your local police department?

Well, here at International Love Scout we have profiles of fitness models you can date!  That is what makes why guys keep coming to mail order bride sites!

Now, back to Vladislava.

She works as a trainer but you can bet she’s spent a lot of time in front of the camera too.

I bet if she lived anywhere but a large but sort of out of the way Ukrainian city she would do more.

This woman is hot! Look at that body!


Vladislava is the end result of great genetics and hard work. She is a sexy lady. That’s why you are reading this page, but she also seems like a good, honest person. She is certainly a romantic.

She writes…

Do you want to drown in me?

Now, that actually makes drowning sound pretty good and drowning should not ever sound pretty good.  

My eyes have an insane depth of color of the sky mixed with herbs and I feel inside me a huge and rapid mountain stream. We will together enjoy nature and wonderful weather on our fabulous island of love! And to fulfill all the dreams of each other when we are alone. I feel a lot of passion for this life!

That is incredibly sweet and H-O-T!  This lady is a tigeress. You can see it from that simple passage.

But Vladislava, like most fit women, is a practical and goal oriented lady too. She explains that…

I dream that my man is sincere, loves me and with me receive the greatest buzz from this life! I just want to melt with happiness in his hands. Touching only from love is the brightest! That’s exactly the love for me – the most important thing in my man.

That is so clear, so honest, and so forthright. Vladislava is not some hot party girl. She knows what she wants

Guys, don’t be trying to put something over on this lady. Vladislava has probably heard any line you can think of twenty times – today.  She is super sexy and super smart.

She doesn’t care about your money or expect that you are prince charming. Vladislava says…

Vladislava is a romantic, a beautiful, fit, intelligent, romantic lady. And what is truly amazing is that she wants to meet a guy a lot like YOU!

That is why international dating is so stunning.  Don’t break her heart guys.

Let her train you into the man you want to be.  This lady could help you transform your life and improve your carido vascular health.  She is clearly very good at what she does.

Her profile and more hot photos are over at A Foreign Affair.

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